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Mail Redirection Service
Mail Redirection Service

The Mail redirection address service is a simple, straight forward, virtual mailing address service and as the name suggests, any mail that we receive on your behalf will be redirected straight to you.

Cost of this service is just £19.00 per calendar month.

Bournemouth Office Services are experts in mail handling and Redirection of your mail. We pride ourselves on proving a fast reliable personal mail handling service.

Stay in touch with your mail. Redirection is a cost-effective way of continuing to receiving your mail wherever you are.

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As your mail is received in the office, we will redirect it to the address you provide, this will be done by striking through our address and writing “Please Redirect To (the address you provide)” & re-posting the mail, the only possible disadvantage to this service is that when the postman delivers the mail to the address you have provided, any person picking up the mail off your doormat, could possibly see that it has come to us initially.  If you think this might cause you a problem then our mail forwarding service is probaly better suited to your needs as all letters are put into a new envelope and posted on to you.  'Click Here' for full details on our Mail Forwarding Service.   

   When you use Bournemouth Office Services for your Mailing Address Services.

An address that you can use as if it was your own. Whether for business or private use.   


To see samples of our Office Addresses / Business Addresses.


To see samples of our Personal Addresses.   


We also offer a Telephone Answering Service, a Faxing Service for both receiving and sending faxes and a Photocopying Service.

Looking for a PO Box or Mail Boxes etc.? check out - our Mail Holding Service, or Mail Forwarding Service or Mail Holding / Forwarding Service Today!

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